Custom Built Computers

All of our customizable computers are assembled by experienced technicians and designed with extensive performance and resiliency in mind. Unlike substandard, consumer-grade computers found in retail stores, our computers are built solely with the latest quality name-brand technology under the best warranties in the business, saving you from the necessity of frequent, costly upgrades. We personalize each computer to your preferences and needs and subject them to a meticulous performance test to ensure their dependability.

  • High-Quality Personal Computers
  • Home Theater PCs
  • High-Performance Computers for Video Editing, CAD, Graphic Design, or Audio Editing and Composition.

The following photographs are from past commissioned projects:

custom-computer-water-cooling-thCustom Computer - Barry JonesCustom Computer - Water Cooling 2Custom Built Computer

Custom Built Computer 2Customer Computer - SilverStoneSystem4Customer Computer - SilverStoneSystem1