Networking Board Knowledge & Insight
JLComputers is an Information Technology company established in Spokane and now open in our new office in Moses Lake offering reliable technical support, computer building, and computer repair services for individuals and businesses throughout the Northwest. Our expertise, commitment, and insight have allowed us to provide quality service to our clients with whom we have built strong relationships over the years. We are knowledgeable about many facets of the technology world, from networks and servers to cell phones, and are capable of providing professional solutions to many of your technology requests. Our products, built exclusively with superior components from the most trusted manufacturers and customized according to your preferences and needs, offer years of high-performance and resiliency surpassing that of major retail computers. Please visit our products and services pages for more information.

Knowledge & Insight

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Each of our friendly technicians carry unique experience and expertise in hardware, software, design and communications, yet illustrate versatility in all facets of technology, allowing our small company to implement professional and efficient methods in diagnosing and resolving difficult issues and accomplishing ambitious projects. We are experienced with Windows, PC, and Apple software and hardware.

Expedient Solutions

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Contract clients benefit from same-day emergency service intended to quickly resolve pressing issues that prevent them from conducting business normally. We also offer after-hours service for standard hardware and software issues and deployments, causing no adverse impact on business operations. We do not charge extra for after-hours labor.

Expansive Operations


From our office locations in Spokane and Moses Lake, we serve clients throughout eastern and central Washington. If you conduct business in the northwest, we can serve you.

Industry Leading Hardware

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We assemble and upgrade exclusively with the most proven and stable hardware from leading manufacturers such as Intel, Asus, Crucial, and Lian Li. Our newer workstations implement solid state drive technology, a fast and reliable new form of data storage currently unused by major retailers.

Energy-Efficient Designs

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We design our machines for high energy efficiency and low spatial impact. Our servers utilize 80PLUS Gold power supplies, and our workstations utilize 80PLUS Bronze power supplies.


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We offer services and design machines that are both affordable and appropriate to you and your business. Consider reducing business costs by outsourcing to JLComputers, a dedicated company that will provide a higher level of service for a fraction of the cost of an internal IT department.